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Aqui estan algunos de los comentarios de es@s bell@s seres humanos que creyeron en mis capacidades y dejaron volar mi mente.


Alejandro Pasos

CEO, Microsoft Uruguay

Cheito es un desarrollador con muchos años de experiencia, tiene una capacidad para entender lo que el mercado exije que le agrega un plus mas a su trabajo, Excelente!.

Paul Cormier

CEO, Red Hat - Linux

This way of developing technology has led to much faster progress than proprietary software vendors can provide on their own. This is Cheo, the best developer to southamerica

Dale Fuller

Presidente & CEO, Borland Software

In my company we believe that it is not only the study that makes a programmer, but also his imagination, good mind !.

Chuck Robbins

CEO, Cisco

“If we’ve learned anything over the last 18 months it’s that you have to be empathetic to the person’s individual circumstances, and I don’t think that’s going to change,”

Sundar Pichai

CEO, Google - Android

Google is always looking to the future and it does so through its partners worldwide. In 2019 BitCoinSale is recognized as a company active in digital currency. Here is its developer, founder and CEO. Congratulations!

Satya Nadella

CEO, Microsoft

Cheo, is a developer who has been representing and boasting the Microsoft flag for many years. Member of Microsoft Partners, also of Microsoft Virtual Academy. Talented, dedicated, relentless.